Are saunas and hot tubs okay for people with rheumatoid arthritis?

Are saunas and hot tubs okay for people with R A am guessing good as warmth but want to make sure any suggestions
Nancy Easley
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Definitely helpful. I'm sure that there is a minority that doesn't do well in hot tubs, but for the most part we all do well in a hot soak.

Although soaking in a tub with Epsom salt is even better.

Yoli Cisneros

I have an infrared sauna. LOVE IT!! I avoid pools and spas that use chlorine. I'd love to find a salt hot tub, or something natural and healthier than chlorine.

Jamie Enriquez

How often do you use it?

Jaime Comer 3 years

Not enough couple x a week.

Jamie Enriquez 3 years

Jamie Enriquez yeah I know! I have the infrared sauna too, but I’m too busy to use it like I should! I love my infrared biomat and use it daily cause I just lay down and relax on it. The benefits are the best for RA!!!

Jaime Comer 3 years

Yep hot water works very well for me! I love hot tubs.

Brittany Weeks

Work well for me

Donna Reynolds

I’ve also heard that you can ask your doctor to write a prescription for it. When a prescription is written it can possibly be a tax write off as a medical expense. I’ve only learned this information through forums so you may want to research a little.

Ashley Lester

I just received a prescription for a heated pool, does this mean I can write off the purchase all together or just the tax?

Georgia Henderson 3 years

Not sure on a heated pool, this is what is stated on Turbo Tax regarding hot tubs...

Ashley Lester 3 years


Ashley Lester 3 years


Ashley Lester 3 years

What about an infrared sauna?

Jessica Mcintosh 3 years

Love my hot tub it helps so so much!!

Virginia Shaffer

I love my hot baths!!!

Karla Campbell

I love my hot tub and I sleep so much better if I get in the hot tub before bed.

Tammy Barnard

I am exactly the same way

Pilar Montgomery 3 years

Thanks everyone. Is there a difference between a dry, wet or infrared sauna the club I go to has a salt water hot tub and pool

Nancy Easley

That's awesome about the salt water pool and spa. As for saunas, from all my reading, infrared has the most healthful and healing benefits. It's a dry heat. Wet saunas are prone to building up mold, which itself can cause health issues.

Jamie Enriquez 3 years

Oh good to know

Nancy Easley 3 years

i hot tub twice a day, everyday. Morning and night.

Maria Roberson

What about steam baths? There is a place near me and was going to try it.

Sandy Temple


Chae Broussard

Without at least 30 minutes in the infrared sauna every morning, I am not able to move at all. It works great for me.

Liliana Dolan

Yep I bought a hot tub and it helps a lot. Especially in winter

Tamara Parr

Saunas and infrared saunas are best. Hot tubs can help and hinder since they are also full of chemicals. Hot springs would be better.

Kristen Frost

I heard saunas are better for ra

Lou Eaton 3 years

Has anyone tried Himalayan salt stones heated ?

Lou Eaton 3 years

I use Infrared Biomat daily

Jaime Comer

Natural hot springs !!! There amazing and reduce inflammation so quickly

Elisa Allred

Hot tubs are wonderful to relieve RA pain. My only issue is the hot flashes. If that's an issue, keep a wet washcloth in ice water.

Lorie Bourgeois

Helps me I do both

Sherry Serrano

Yes it helps

Ritu Connell

Just take care with dehydration (or perhaps I am the only silly person who can over do it ).

Karen Gibbons