Any suggestion for RA Fatigue?

This summer RA fatigue hit me hard. I now unfortunately understand the spoon theory. I used to thing fatigue just meant tired. Oh no, not with RA. I teach and had to switch classrooms. After pushing a cart of books about 40 yards, I had used up 10 of my 12 spoons. I couldn't do anything else at school and went home, fell in bed to sleep for about 4 hours, getting up just long enough to feed the dogs, think of all the things I needed to do, and go back to bed. It's still like this. As long as I avoid actual physical exertion, I can space out my 12 spoons over 12 hours. I eat all the right things for swelling and pain. Any ideas for RA Fatigue?

Karen Hooper
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I think I'd relabel it as autoimmune fatigue. It appeared when I was diagnosed with Sjögren's syndrome - 4 years prior to RA coming in board. I've found plant based diet helps, no caffeine ( seems counter intuitive !) and making sure my iron and B12 levels are good. It is one of the more debilitating part of autoimmune diseases though

Mary Maxwell

I've eliminated everything but coffee, my one joy in life:/ (an exaggeration but close to true). I've cut out most hot coffee and gone with cold brew to eliminate acidity. I guess if I can cut out meat and gluten, I can try it too. I'll look up autoimmune fatigue

Karen Hooper 3 years

Definitely gluten and I would cut down in meet. Black strap molasses is a good source of iron and calcium take 2 tsps mix with 3 tbsp of organic unfiltered with mother cider vinegar and dilute with mostly a pint of cold water and just top up with some hot makes it a bit nicer to drink. Do this twice a day. The cider vinegar helps with digestion which will help with fatigue. Also try and eat raw veg with your meals for the live enzymes to help break down your food and you're not using up your bodies reserves. I would also take a good multivitamin. Formula plus from Margaret hills is good - just Google it x

Roma Babcock 3 years

I wholeheartedly recommend this book written by my nutritionist (I'm not affiliated with it). It's a practical guide and gives treatment plans. My nutritionist is the grandmother of Margaret hills a nurse who came up with a treatment to heal arthritis. Look her up. And here's the book

Roma Babcock 3 years

I meant grand daughter!

Roma Babcock 3 years

I'm with you on the coffee. I used to go to sleep so happy, knowing coffee would begin my morning. Now I just drink it about twice a month, either a warmed up cold brew or an espresso based drink, like a coconut milk latte or cappuccino. Both seem more agreeable.

Therese Biggs 3 years

If you're not vegan already, I would consider it. I've been vegan for 2 months now with my Ra and omg I have never felt better. My pain has been eliminated and I have so much more energy. If you look online there's plenty of people who share their stories about putting their RA into remission by going vegan.

Ruth Sylvester

I have been vegan for 3 months. Feeling great! What is spoon theory?!! Lol! Another term for diet?

Susan Norton

Ruth Sylvester 3 years

Great analogy. Makes me sad to think of the reality. Every choice we make. Throughout the day effects us.... Our energy and pain levels.

Susan Norton 3 years

Yeah that's true... But it's nice to know that we control how we're feeling by changing our diet as well.

Ruth Sylvester 3 years

Brilliant analogy, and oh so true. But at least we still have choices

Marlene Sykes 3 years

Hi Spoonie! I live by the spoon theory and it really helps me manage my day... İ have a hard time saying no, and this really helps keep my day and my abilities in perspective. I am trying to get my family and friends to understand so they are not so mad when I say no to things.

Mindy Atkins

I feel you on this one. The fatigue is sometimes I my worst enemy

Red Westbrook

Have you looked into LDN? I take it. It helps some people with fatigue tremendously. I haven't experienced serious fatigue, so I'm not sure if LDN is helping me with that or not. Got Endorphins FB page is a wealth of knowledge for LDN. Hugs.

Megan Holt

What is LDN?

Fiona Crenshaw 3 years

I was going to suggest LDN also, which I've been taking since soon after I was diagnosed. Like megan, I have never experienced fatigue, so cannot say whether that is down to the LDN or not.

Monica Lane

Very acturate, the pain takes most of the spoons away from the very beginning.

Annette Rangel

I found pineapple, celery and cucumber fresh juice and a fresh pawpaw and spinach smoothie each day helped heaps. My fatigue had me sleeping for 4 day stretches.

Shantel Valenzuela

I feel like my fatigue is caused more by the methotrexate than the disease itself. I'm a newly diagnosed RA-er. While I was often tired before, it's increased 10times since starting methotrexate. I. An barely get through a day anymore and have no energy to do anything aside from the bare necessities. Anything social and fun has been abandoned due to fatigue.
I've just started the Paddison program. I'm hopeful it will give me enough benefit to get off the drugs and live a healthier life with more energy.

Fiona Oconnor

I don't take medication and have periods of fatigue.

Dianna Dotson 3 years

I went whole food plant based nutrition since my diagnosis. Also take meds. I am struggling at the moment. I teach and am hoping to resume my job in September. I was doing well until two weeks ago. Not sure what is going on. RA is tough.

Mary Washburn

I feel you-spent my summer break really focused on my diet and exercise. Now with school starting back up, I am trying to not stress about how much going back to school will impact me. I do know that I won't let it get in the way of my self-care (which I did for years before diagnosis in Feb). Hang in there!)

Clarissa Benson 3 years

I've been so fatigued, changed my diet to more veggies and apple cider vinegar shots in the morning. Definitely more energy through out the day, along with no flares or pain

Heather Bowling

Go gluten free, organic and check for food allergies

Betty Hanna

I ate a steak Thursday, and then ate pancakes (NOT gluten free) Friday night. Any guesses how feel today. My fault. Knew night to eat red meat then gluten on top of it.

Shirley Powell

The main thing that helped me with this extreme fatigue was to go completely Gluten Free also juicing daily and check those Iron levels in blood

Patricia Morales

I feel ya. Just wish my family understood how I feel most days. Best of luck to you.

Robin Pope

Fatigue is the worst part.

Marla Horn