Any remedies for keratosis pilaris, those little white bumps on the back of the arms?

Mary Lacy
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Heal leaky gut

Audrey Lockwood

Cleanse and restore... Probiotics...

Audrey Lockwood

Have to change diet but can do dry skin brushing and use natural soaps and products without chemicals

Gayla Mcginnis

I make this sugar scrub and body butter.

Amy Sargent

Gold bond rough and bumpy lotion. Been using it on my girls and it's been helping.

Melissa Price

Try dry brushing before shower. It invigorates skin and takes off stuborn epidermis. Back of arms are also a toxin dump area, so look at any offenders in your diet. Liking that sugar scrub above. Good luck

Sherie Banks

Losing 60 lbs got rid of mine.

JoAnne Flint

I have my own natural skincare business (I create all natural ingredient based products utilizing essential oils in most- not all) I have had a few clients come to me with this and ALL found awesome results with a few simple steps. It’s a build up of keratin protein in the pores from overproduction of it. This is often due to the body trying to overcompensate for a lack of beneficial skin hydration. Sometimes it can actually be cleared up significantly from using a good natural ingredient based moisturizer whether it’s just plain shea butter, cocoa butter, cupuacu butter mango butter, etc. All store bought creams, lotions, even body butters are inclusive of preservatives toxins and chemicals. Those additives are also a cause themselves sometimes because they are so drying which works against the whole intended purpose of the moisturizer to begin with! Yes, as others mentioned diet can play a huge part but often some simple skin regimen steps can bring great results. Gentle bi-weekly exfoliating helps to keep the pores clear but more important is cleansing with a NON SOAP cleanser because they ALL have very drying ingredients (even the so-called ‘beauty bars like Dove). I make a Castile soap based foaming cleanser with a few beneficial ingredients like a carrier oil and coriander Lemongrass and Copaiba added in. Then the next important thing after daily cleansing & occasionally exfoliating is to MOISTURIZE with an all natural ingredient product- do this EVERYDAY & even 2 times a day if possible. If you are having a difficult time still, you can use a pre-cleansing spray that consists of water, Apple cider vinegar and a few drops of the previous mentioned essential oils. You spray it on the area and rub in a little to let sit for 15-30 minutes before cleansing. I’ve had 3 different customers try it and have lasting results that they maintain from being consistent with the cleansing & moisturizing- but both of those things cannot be store bought chemical-filled products.

Heidi Payne

Doterra cleanse kit then LLV.
And reduce all toxic chemicals on body.
Mine are now gone

Jennifer Cantu