Any recommendation on gluten free noodles?

I have been gluten free for nearly a year now and have done pretty good with it. I haven't had one of my favorite dished since going gluten free. I love spaghetti, we have tried several gluten free spaghetti noodles and they ALL are terrible so far. Does anyone have a suggestions on some good gluten free noodles? We have a Kroger here in town and they are doing a great job of stocking gluten free items!

Tim Dodge
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I think the Barilla brand is pretty good.

Karen Davies


Tiffany Dorsey 3 years

Yep ^

Yoli Cisneros

Ancient Harvest quinoa based ones are best imo, although I do use Banzai chickpea based ones now, but those are trickier to cook just right and do have their own flavor. Overall lentil or quinoa based ones seem to be closer to norm than rice, corn or veg based ones.

Jessica Leach

I use "WaiWai" Thai rice noodles instead of "angel hair" type.

Daria Russell

Barilla was pretty good

Leanna Teague

Catelli is good gluten free pasta!

Tracey Ackerman

Barilla spaghetti is the best for me. Not of fan of the spiral noodles unfortunately though.

Tj Lovelidge Perez

Barilla. I had mac n cheese for the first time in forever using them. Quite yummy

Manda Mckay

I have one that is made from wild rice and didn’t mind it cooked al dente.

Debbie Arredondo

Barilla, better if you cook them for longer though.

Natasha Cornell

Banza garbanzo noodles are good (I think so anyways) and lentil noodles from Trader Joe’s if you have one where you live.

Kerstin Valentin

I like Tinkyada it is made with brown rice

Patricia Chandler

I noticed that noodles from I guess it's rice flour are better than corn based. They smell gross when they are cooking but have a better taste. Interestingly generic brand at wal mart isn't bad.

Danielle Burch

Shaved zucchini and cook just for a little with a little butter. Surprisingly good and you get a veggie.

Shelly Koch

trader joe brown rice noodles by far the best! You just have to give a quick rinse after cooking. BUT LOVE LOVE. İf you don't have one I will be glad to send you some. JUst pm me

Stephanie Hebert

I love Banza!

Liz Tyson

I want to thank everyone for their choices! I will surely be trying some of the new ones to be.. The chickpea one sounds inviting!

Tim Dodge

I've found that the ones that are made with brown rice and quinoa taste much better and texture is closer to the regular pasta. But u have to get the ones that have brown rice and quinoa together.

War Dennison

Anyone tried palmini pasta?

Sue Camacho

I like the rice noodles. Can’t eat corn.

Milinda Snider

I agree with the rice noodles. They taste very similar.

Maggie Jewell

I am a big fan of the lentil pasta- it’s shaped like penne but it does the trick for me!

Katherine Keen

haven't tried myself, but maybe try spiraling some zucchini in place of the pasta or maybe try spaghetti squash?? Just a suggestion.

Leslie Mackey

Do you have a lidl close by? They do some good gf spaghetti!

Rakhee Randall

The best gf pasta noodles spaghetti and even lasagna is called Tinkyada. Everyone eats it at home even the ones who don’t need to be gf. You just have to make sure you don’t over cook it. You can also try chick pea pasta or red lentil pasta they are also good.

Erika Diamond

Spaghetti squash, or use Daiya noodles and not the sauce

Kayleen Piper

Ive been GF for a few years now, due to Celiacs, and we like Rice/Corn blends with butter in the boiling water. You also have to boil them longer. Good Luck!!

Michelle Craft

I have a spiralizer, and zucchini "zoodles" are great with spaghetti sauce. Texture and taste is just like the real thing. I saute raw zoodles in a dry nonstick skillet for a few minutes, then top with sauce.

Bronwyn Lang

Use a spiralizer (in Australia they are available already done in Coles & Woolworths) - and make zucchini noodles or sweet potato noodles. Cook for a couple of minutes in a fry pan / wok and serve with your sauce.

Stella Mcmanus

Barilla Gluten Free Pasta... I can't tell the difference between this and the regular stuff. A life-saver. Who can promise to never eat pasta again??

Cathie Sherwood

Ancient grains is by far our favorite

Brandy Serrano

I buy barilla gluten free and they don't taste that bad

Antonella Fritz

I order Barilla from Amazon - the Italians will not put their name on a pasta if it’s not up to their high bar standards

Linda Vernon

I'm in love with chickpea pasta. It has a slight nutty flavor from the chickpea, but can stay al dente.

Jennifer Swift

I second the recommendation for spaghetti squash. It's not pasta but equally as delicious and 10x more healthy.

Leah Root

If you want something that tastes and acts very similar to regular wheat pasta then I recommend the Jovial brand.

Gayle Donaldson