Any opinions on flu shots and osteoporosis?

Dora Crouch
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Hmm... Are you suggesting there may be a link between the two?? I've been getting the flu shots for like 20 years now and have supposingly "severe" osteoporosis (-3.5) at the age of 58...

Gaetane Ochoa

If flu shots were related to osteoporosis, infections also should be related to osteoporosis. This is how I think about it.

Kerstin Rudd

I know sometimes we want to find a link as to why we have osteoporosis, but it's not healthy to try to link normal vaccines to osteoporosis. The flu shot is a medicine that is a difference compound every year, it changes and isn't one medicine- it's based on different flu strands. As the flu virus changes so does the vaccine. The vaccine is so widely used, but still osteoporosis strikes a majority first, or with other illness/health concerns/medications in their history (anti-seizure, depo-provera, prilosec), etc. An ever changing vaccine as link to osteoporosis is not likely.

Christine Gustafson

No, I have only had 2 or 3 my entire life, so I don;t think that they caused mine, just curious if there was any reason to keep avoiding them?

Dora Crouch

I always request the single shot for the flu vaccine as it preservative free. Still has stuff that probably shouldn't be in it but at least it has much less mercury than the other one. If I knew what was in the flu shot back in the 70s I wouldn't ever had it but I do it for my health believe it or not.

Linda Lockett

No flu shots for me, and I have osteoporosis. I took them 2 times in the past and got very sick.

Pamela Kirkpatrick

No more flu shots for me. They're not that effective anyways. I support my immune system.

Nancy Holley

I've had them for about the last 20 years. In UK, and I guess the rest of Europe, we get whatever the World Health Organisation estimates as the prevailing flu risk.

Sharon Sims

No flu shots needed if we take a proper dose of vitamin D3.

Sofia Teague

I've had the flu while on full vitamin D supplement regime!

Gina Blevins 3 years

Gina Blevins, how much vitamin D?

Sofia Teague 3 years

After initial high doses, settled to 2000 IUs a day (gel capsules)

Gina Blevins 3 years

Gina Blevins, that's not enough.

Sofia Teague 3 years

It's plenty for me - I get sunshine regularly ...

Gina Blevins 3 years
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I swear by them. You can special order them without preservatives. Cost more and insurance won't pay - but worth it. It sure beats getting the flu.

Tammy Harris

I did not know that you could do this, I will do that next time.

Dora Crouch 3 years

So far my insurance pays for it.

Linda Lockett 3 years

Yes, we ahould all be getting the flu shot. First, heavy coughing can cause a fracture. Second, if in Prolia, your immunities may be lower.

Maura Kirkpatrick

There are many natural remedies instead of getting a flu shot! Just research it. Look at this and judge for yourself.

Denise Gleason

The flu shot has ingredients which can do more harm than good. I recommend avoiding it! You can keep from contracting the flu by eating healthy, having a healthy digestive system, and keeping your immune system healthy and working properly. Please reconsider the shot and read this article for more info. You can also Google his website for "flu shot" and get much more info.

MaryAnn Richter

I take Transfer Factor a great immune booster that keeps sicknesses away. Also Colloidal Silver, Oregano Oil, & other natural things. It all works far better than any flu shot ever will. Haven't had even a sniffle for almost 20 years even though exposed to the germs over & over.
I've had 1 flu shot about 30 years ago. Never again!!! I've never been so sick as I was after that shot.

Esther Arrington

I use colloidal silver as well. Back when my son was so sick with the flu, I found out about this and used it and NEVER got it and haven't since. Also swallowed crushed raw garlic for protection and diffuse eucalyptus or tea tree EO's. It does work!

Denise Gleason 3 years

Not worth the very real risk of Guillain Barre

Becky Dixon

Interesting. I'd never heard of this.

Judith Gamble 3 years

My sister got that when flu shots were first given out. They didn't know what is was yet. They told her she should be in the hospital, but at the time she had no insurance. She could hardly move and her husband had to carry her to the bathroom. I thought she was dying. It took a couple of months for her to get better. I always got the shot, but the year before last I got pretty sick, nothing like my sister got though. That's when I decided not to get that flu shot anymore. I'm close to being a vegan and that really helps. I take 5000 D3 most everyday. If I feel like a cold is coming on I take echinacea.

Clare Hartley 3 years

Guillain-Barré syndrome seems to be related to the influenza-virus itself and the immunological reactions to it. So catching the flu or getting a flu shot involves both the virus, but more health risks by the flu (I was really, really ill when I had the Hong-Kong flu in the 70íes).

Kerstin Rudd 3 years

I have Osteoporosis, am 52 yrs. Old, and have never had the flu shot. So, I don't think there's a link to the shot causing or contributing to Osteoporosis.

Shelley Copeland

I developed multiple sclerosis from the vaccine. Its been eating away my myelin sheath. I went from being totally healthy, at the prime of my life to being disabled, unable to work. The effects from the vaccine keep on progressing.

Cindy Ryan

I'm so sorry there's so many that have had bad side effects from it.

Nancy Holley 3 years

Oh wow! I am so sorry!!

Shelley Copeland 3 years

No flu shots for me. I eat to support my immune system, and haven't had so much as a cold for years.

Connie Crane

I've never had a flu shot and I won't, I did have a pneumonia shot last year for the first and last time and I got terrible headaches for a few weeks and I don't get headaches ever.. A few people I know have gotten Vertigo from the flu shot..

Susan Moore

A That's a one-off shot for life

Sharon Sims 3 years

The flu shot has the most reported adverse events of any vaccine in the US, per the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System). It is all public information online should you desire to look it up. Guillain Barre is supposed to be "very rare" as a side effect but I personally have met 2 people who developed it after a flu shot.... I'll take the flu 100x over a risk of paralysis, thanks very much

Becky Dixon

And 3 people in my family that have had obvious vaccine reactions, no way in hell. My cousin's little boy developed narcolepsy after the H1N1 vaccine. European countries have recognized this and compensated families, of course not in the US because our current govt. İs owned by big pharma

Becky Dixon

The more medications they can get you on the better!! They have you hook, line and sinker... You have to come back in for follow up visits, blood work, prescription renewals and then the side effects from the meds they prescribed in the beginning... LOL!!!

Susan Moore 3 years

I just get my flu shot every year. One has nothing to do with the other.

Sue Mcrae

Certainly in the UK, they always ask about allergy to eggs before flu vaccination.

Sharon Sims

Flu vaccination is much more "optional" than the lifesaving ones like whooping cough. Mind you, very elderly people might need them.

Gina Blevins

At least it's still optional. Soon it won't be

Becky Dixon