Any mommas that have Rheumatoid Arthritis have a natural birth with a midwife?

Any mommas that have RA have a natural birth with a midwife?

Kay Mitchell
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I had our second son at home with a midwife. However, he was born in March, I started having pain in May, and diagnosed in August so I "didn't have RA" when I had him I guess..??

Ashley Pollard

That's just like me! Baby born in March, RA pain in May, diagnosed in June. I had a med free birth with my midwife, but it was at the hospital.

Stephanie Trent 3 years

Oh and she's my 2nd, too.

Stephanie Trent 3 years

Oh my gosh... That's kinda of creepy lol

Ashley Pollard 3 years

Yes i did, midwife took a holistic take on care, recognizing all my needs including emotional. Positive experience

Carolyn Chandler

I developed RA 6 months into my second pregnancy. It was horrid. The birth I was dreading but it was great! Don't worry just keep positive. I recommend hypnobirthing

Julie Powell

Having rheumatoid arthritis makes you high risk before anybody even speaks to you. I don't know how midwife's handle that but the severe risk of eclampsia and issues giving birth I was told that I could do my birth as natural as possible but it would have to be in a hospital because of the dangers. Good thing I did. I had to have an emergency C-section. It's saved my kid's life. And it happened so fast there's no chance if I would have been in a situation where I wasn't in the hospital

Cynthia Kuhn

And I was 39 when I got pregnant with my first child ever and I was told that my age did not make me high risk what made me high risk was my rheumatoid arthritis and i went into remission two weeks after I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks along, which was my daughter's twin... I was ok throughout the whole pregnancy and quite a long time after words

Cynthia Kuhn 3 years

I would think you would be considered high risk, more stuff can occur. Hemorrhaged for both of my births, glad I had them in the hospital. I really wanted a home birth though.

Kristen Boudreaux

I agree... İt would have been nice. But when you are faced with being told the bad side of what could happen.... That made me change my mind fast... Lol I am very thankful the doctor was very honest with me upfront and let me decide.

Cynthia Kuhn 3 years

Yeah, I never thought something would happen to me. Glad I listened to my husband on going to the hospital.

Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

Besides getting ra at 17? I knew my luck they would need a backhoe to pull my kid out or some thing crazy.... Lol

Cynthia Kuhn 3 years

Cindy Ann that’s funny!

Mo Morgan Nicholas 3 years

Tried. Twice. Ended up in high risk situations both times.

Lisa Elmore

We're you ladies on any medication during pregnancy? I just found out I'm pregnant and I worried of how everything is going to go since I have RA.

Yesenia Wesley


Kristen Boudreaux 3 years

Thank you!

Yesenia Wesley 3 years

I haven't seen a doctor yet due to not having insurance, but I have stopped all meds and feel just fine.... Do not take anything without talking to your doctor first!

Kay Mitchell 3 years

& congrats!!!

Kay Mitchell 3 years

Thank you!

Yesenia Wesley 3 years
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Midwives all the way

Tess Coates

I have had two births using a midwife, but I'm in Canada and midwives are common here and are welcome in a hospital setting. So both my births were in the hospital, with the Midwife, and the only drug I used during my labors was the nitrous oxide gas. I had had 3 miscarriages prior to having my second baby, so I started out that pregnancy with an OBGYN, because he helped me conceive my second viable preganncy. However, once it was apparent that I had a strong healthy baby on board, he told me I was not high risk and referred me to a midwife Because I prefer midwifery care. With my second baby I was on plaquenil and Synthroid and had an 'easy' labour and delivery and healthy baby. Good luck to you!!!!

Brittanie Nadeau

Thank you ladies!!!

Kay Mitchell

I went to the midwife center at UCLA. I had
the most beautiful
natural childbirth experience. Not a home
birth but still amazing!

Jessica Mcintosh

I had two unmedicated VBACs with midwives-- both very positive experiences!

Christina Washington

Natural birth but in not a midwife. Kinda wish i had had one.

Ali Frazier

I have ra and all of my 4 kids were natural birth

Zaniya Rivas

Yes, natural home birth with my third child.

Kelly William

3 of them out of 4 (first one med free but in a hospital).

Sarah Park

My last 4 babies were born at home, but I only had RA with the last one.

Danielle Burgos

Yes,,I have given natural birth last year

Priyanka Numbers

Yes in the uk I had a water birth at the midwife led birthing unit (right next to the hospital!) they weren't sure about letting me as I was "high risk" because of RA and was under specialist care but as my disease didn't seem to affect the pregnancy they let me

Jen Rainey

Yes. But I live in Iceland and that's protocol here. You don't see a doctor unless it's needed. Midwives here are nurses withB. S. degrees plus 2yrs of specialisation (not sure if we're talking about the same thing)

Ingibjörg Mccullough

I gave birth to a 5kg baby (11pounds) and never saw a doctor. She was close by though just in case. No meds and in the midwife section of the hospital.

Ingibjörg Mccullough 3 years