Any ideas on chemo friendly snacks?

Any ideas on chemo friendly snacks? I start chemo tomorrow and will be there 8 hours other people will be there I don’t want to stink them out or I know with chemo some odors are bad for some people

Jennifer Roth
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smoke medical cannabis and eat anything that is before you!

Steven Perkins

You might also check with your clinic. A lot of them have snacks and cold/hot drinks. Plus they do have odor sensitive places. I would check before you go. Best of luck.

Shawn Honeycutt

When my husband's are they offered to make him breakfast and lunch

Karen Andersen

I'm sure you could take any snacks that you want and drinks

Karen Andersen

They normally offer you hot drinks and a sandwich. I used to take a pot of fruit and carrot sticks to munch on and a banana sandwich. All nice and neutral tasting.

Amanda Koehler

When I go I take a sandwich and chips and cheese cracker and yogurt. And candy to suck on. But you ca take anything you like to eat. And I bring water

Eileen Conklin

We brought cheese-its, gummy bears water and soda.. They gave us a turkey wrap, had coffee hot chocolate, crackers and ginger ale..

Sue Little

All the above sound great hun but also invest in ginger candy it's great if you get nausea gin gins are the best but any will do plus drink plenty of water. Best of luck

Faith Goodman

And ginger ale is great to

Shawn Honeycutt 3 years

Oh yes w no fizz

Faith Goodman 3 years

Unity Health Cancer center where I had my chemo.. Offered all types of drinks & snacks, TVs, books.. Sometimes different groups had made up bags snacks, hand cleaners.. Puzzle books.. Just whatever .

Doug Jackson

Boiled eggs, beer, kraut. Lol

John Cordero