Any help for dry lips while fasting?

Hi all! Any help for dry lips while fasting. Especially dry fasting. I use like Vaseline and balms. Don't feel like they are really getting the job done.

Jaterrica Barrera
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Dip your whole face in coconut oil

Chad Ransom

Of course you would say that!

Jaterrica Barrera 3 years

I like coconut oil on my lips n chapstick

Stephen Hutchison

Exactly I couldn't get a hold of that or having a lump in my throat smh. Those two things were working my nerves for the last two weeks. Don't use CarMax because it had the most horrible taste and smell to me

Genetha Adkins

How many days can a person do of dry fast???

Princess Spivey

My longest is 6 days the most I've personally heard anyone I know was 8

Stephen Hutchison 3 years

By the way am on day 4

Princess Spivey 3 years

I think dry fast is easy way to loose weight very fast am seeing result already am happy.. Can i do dry fast nd water fast together without stoping like 15 days zl

Princess Spivey 3 years

Yes u can combine DF and WF for as long as u like

Joe Nielsen 3 years


Princess Spivey 3 years

Coconut oil or olive oil works wonder

Isabel Knutson

I too, use coconut oil

Sharon Gallegos 3 years

vaseline is unfortunately not healthy.. Coconut oil is a "dry" oli, so may not work for you. Maybe olive oil or sesame oil.

Marta Yu

Wats a dry oil ???

Stephen Hutchison 3 years

A trained beautician who makes her own holistic cosmetics told me once that coconut oil is drying the skin in long term actually, and to use plive oil instead. Also many people reported coconut oil clogging their pores over time.

Marta Yu 3 years

Marta Yu lol I mean this in the best way, I am super confused. Any oil will clog the skin. But I have been using cold pressed Coconut oil for over a year alone and never had these issues. Not saying your wrong but I just never heard of that before lol

Stephen Hutchison 3 years

I guess some people's skin takes to it, some peoples don't. I read in a vegan group for ladies that many people had to stop using it because their pores clogged and they started to break out badly, and once hey switched to something else, it went away... But hey, if it works for you that's wonderful and you should go with it! Our bodies really are all different... One love

Marta Yu 3 years

Marta Yu absolutely were all different. The one thing about coconut oil tho is right now as far as we know it's the only oil that can be used as a plasma replacement in the body, which makes it special. I'd question the quality of the oils and the oil itself. But avacado oil is great and olive oil also!

Stephen Hutchison 3 years
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100% Shea butter works wonders

Pernille Bain

Coconut oil, she's butter.

Stephania Cochran

Shea butter

Stephania Cochran

Coconut oil might help

Kimberly Tyson


Marsha Talbot

Burt's Bee's moisturizing lip balm (mango). It contains sesame, olive, castor oils, and a few more natural ingredients. Got it at Walmart while there today, at checkout isle... Lol! I'm opening the seal right after paying for my stuff, my lips were soothed wonderfully while applying. Good stuff!.. I love Burt's Bee's products.
Don't forget to Exfoliate your lips using a soft clean toothbrush and warm water to get rid of dead skin on the lips periodically.

Deb Bennett

I bought burts bees lip exfoliating balm. I'll try the mango 1 soon!

Jaterrica Barrera 3 years

Jaterrica Barrera yes, it's really easy to wear, not too overbearing, especially during fasting.. I wanted something less inhibiting. Not

Deb Bennett 3 years

Don't use synthetic stuff with detoxing try olive oil or something lighter or eat avocado n walnuts for good fats when you feed

Pamela Mckenzie

Burt's Bees Lip Balm works well for me.

Sharon Jackson

All of these are all natural, the one by Lush is Shea butter dominant, the Jersey Shore cosmetics one is Sunflower oil dominant (it's my fave right now and lasts for hours while DF), and the Alba Botanica ones are coconut oil dominant... They don't work very well for me while DF, but with regular WF they're fine. I like having these in my purse when on the go... Even though I could dip my hands straight in the jars. Lush & Jersey Shore one you can buy online, Alba is in Whole Foods.


LaTasha Choi