Anti inflammatory diet recommendations for Rheumatoid arthritis

Talk to me about an anti inflammatory diet. I was just diagnosed with RA and before I even consider these scary drugs, I need to see what I can do for myself naturally. So, eliminate gluten, dairy (all dairy?) and sugar. Anything else? I see a lot of people with RA do the Keto diet, but is that much restriction necessary?

Courtney Little
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My first recommendation is that you look at our file section in the group, especially look at the Elimination Diet. That's a great place to start. Not everyone does keto, I stick strictly to paleo, that works best for me. You're also going to find that we don't all have the same triggers, although gluten seems to be the common one.

Yoli Cisneros

Yoli Cisneros thank you! I will definitely check out the file section.

Courtney Little 3 years

I plan to start the AIP diet. I believe it to be more restrictive than Keto or Paleo. The idea is to do it from 30-60 days. Then gradually add foods back in one at a time to see if you have a reaction to it.

Robyn Gardner

I have been aip for 9 months. I’m very strict. I’ve lost 52 lbs and I’m off methotrexate. I’m currently tapering off my Humira. I’ve starting working out. I no longer take 3 hr naps daily just to survive. I feel like I’m living again. My joint swelling is way down. I’ve never calorie counted. Just eat to satiety

Megan Love

Is your RA on remission? How were u able to stop methotrexate?

Dex James 3 years

Dex James I have one erosion that is healing and my other one is stable. No new erosions. I stopped them myself.

Megan Love 3 years

Megan Love that's great. How long were youon methotrexate? Do you take any supplements?

Dex James 3 years

dex I was on it 6 months and it caused elevated liver enzymes, lung nodules and nausea. I take probiotics and vitamin d

Megan Love 3 years

You look amazing, can I ask what is aip diet please

Christine Wu 3 years
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Eliminating dairy, sugar etc. Can help, but I would suggest starting with an full on elimination diet. This will pinpoint the foods you should avoid better than randomly eliminating certain food groups. I started with the AIP, but found that meat was a trigger for me which is why it wasn't really helping me. Everyone is different so you need to find what works for you. Best wishes!

Ann Wolf

AIP didn't work for me either. None of the diets I tried did but all were paleo type. I wonder if meat is the issue.

Susanne Buckner 3 years

I LOVE aip! It’s tough at first but well worth it

Rachel Holland

Cleaning up my diet helped (I never fully cut out dairy), but was hard to be consistent as a mom of two young children. I still "needed" medications, so I thought. Once I added good quality probiotics, vitamins, and supplements I was able to be free of medications!

Sara Ledbetter

What did you clean up sara? And what probiotics please ?

Helen Mooney 3 years

I've been gluten free for 3 years. Since then I've followed the "Yes" foods on AIP, but I still have a minimal amount of sugar and cheese in my diet. This probiotic (it contains digestive enzymes and an antifungal):

Sara Ledbetter 3 years

Sara Ledbetter Dr. Berg says best probiotic is sauerkraut!!!!

Robyn Gardner 3 years

Yes, sauerkraut and other foods are good sources of probiotic. It's can sometimes be hard to get enough daily, tho. Especially with all the other toxins and chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. Our foods just don't provide the same nutrients they did 10, 20, 30 years ago (especially in the US)

Sara Ledbetter 3 years

Eliminating meat was the one thing that made a significant difference for me.

Lisa Harrington

The Phoenix Helix website has info on AIP with food and spice lists, recipes and elimination diet instructions. I had food sensitivities to protein, anything with high sulfur, phenylalanine from synthetic sugars and others from undiagnosed genetic issues that affect how severe my RA is and how I process nutrients and synthesize new connective tissue. It affects how strong my tendons and cartilage are. Using info from genetic testing to affect gene expression through diet is called nutrigenomics. I've seen some free online classes about epigenetics and nutrigenomics.

Melanie Dickey

I figured out potatoes take me out for 4-5 days after an elimination diet. I couldn't eat gluten, dairy or other things when I was really sick but can eat small amounts of most everything I want now that my gut is healthier.

Melanie Dickey

I got rid of nightshades; tomatoes, mushrooms, eggplants, and white potatoes. All my favorites but it helps.

Jane Bain

I would cut out processed food and sugar. Wait a week or so and see how you feel then cut out dairy. Take things out step by step or you won’t know what triggers YOU eat lots of fruits and veggies. Good quality probiotic.

Sherri Ponce

The difference between this and elimination diet is diet is an effort to repair leaky gut too

Robyn Gardner 3 years

Robyn Gardner yes

Sherri Ponce 3 years

Keto has been amazing for my RA. Most days I’m pain free. Carbs tend to bring out the worst pain for me so the total restriction is exactly what I personally need. I’ve never been on RA meds & I really don’t want to be. I hope you find something that works!

Penny Mendoza

I’m on a keto diet I’ve cut out nightshades too and feel loads better. I’ve found potatoes are a main trigger for me x

Lianne Daly

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Heather Khan

Autoimmune Protocol

Sara Ledbetter


Heather Khan 3 years

You're welcome!

Sara Ledbetter 3 years

I’ve added kumbatcha and fermented veggies to the mix and just no dairy and no sugar

Cindy Eastman